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Drone Filming and Aerial Photography

* Celebrating 31 Years of Commercial Video Production * 
Stabilised High Definition Video filming and aerial photography can provide engaging content of property and open spaces. Utalising remote controlled Quadcopter (UAV or Drone) technology, dramatic and very high quality aerial video and photography is affordable plus adds a new dimension to video production.. Please watch the video examples below.

I am an experienced CAA101 operator and fly in accordance with NZCAA rules   These rules may include logging flights with CAA, communicating with Airport Traffic Control plus possibly limiting the use or height UAV / Drones can fly inside and outside of controlled air space.

For examples of my commercial and real estate photography, please CLICK HERE

Video Example of Drone Aerial Footage filmed by NZ Video Productions

Obtaining cinematic aerial Video and Photography is now very achievable and cost effective. NZ Video Productions now can provide high quality HD video filming and photography services using our state of the art remote controlled Quad Drone. Complete with a 3 axel gyro stabiliser and a Ful HD Go Pro camera, the footage obtained using this method of video capture is nothing short of stunning. Contact Pete for more information 027 2788147

Video montage showing various outdoor cinematic aerial video filming technoques

The video above is a montage of different subjects that suite the cinematic qualities of Quadcopter (Drone) aerial video capture. Shots like these produce excellent and compelling images that can help keep the viewer engaged with the message the video is conveying. Applications include Real Estate Property for Sale, Commercial Land, Farm Pastures, Large Properties such as camping grounds, Scenic New Zealand footage etc.