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Studio Editing Services

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* Celebrating 30 Years of Commercial Video Production * 

The Technology

Many TV and film production studios throughout the world use the industry standard Final Cut Pro editing software by Apple. The NZ Video studio utalises this high end and intuitive technology, matched with Apple hardware consisting of an industrial Power Mac and Terabytes of high speed storage.

No matter what the source footage is and using the power and reliability that Apple products are made of, Full High Definition video editing, animated graphics, Slow and Fast motion effects, Green screen (Chromakey) editing plus video capture and conversion of almost all video formats is possible

camera lensFilming and Editing Services

To create a video edited production, you obviously need video content to work with. As a trained camera operator, I can provide full camera filming services which will ensure a high quality and engaging production. If you already own video footage that may have come from various sources such as a previouse production, camcorders, cellphones or even film, I can also edit this material for you. 

The End Result

All productions are produced in full High Definition, but can be converted to any video format or resolution required depending on use, such as websites, facebook, youtube or other distribution channels. Draft and final edits can be previewed and supplied directly to clients via our preferred video hosting service, or  distributed to clients via dropbox. This enables productions (which are essentially just video files such as Mpeg4) to be transferred onto PCs Laptops or USB Memory sticks for playing on large screen LCD Television's, monitors or video projectors

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